Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority has been mandated by the government of Botswana to manage and operate the .BW ccTLD. This was followed by the formation of a Technical Advisory Committee made up of the ‘Local Internet Community’. This public-private partnership was therefore the initial step in facilitating the redelegation of the ccTLD from Botswana Telecommunications Corporation and the University of Botswana to Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA).
Since ccTLDs are a national resource, BOCRA’s mandate is to manage .BW in a manner, which serves public and industrial interests. BOCRA being the telecommunications regulator, and having full government support, will be able to push Botswana forward in the global Internet community.
BOCRA’s role is to, among others:
Act as a trustee for the .BW country-code-top-level-domain;
Become the .BW domain administrative contact as well as technical contact;
Administer the .BW ccTLD and its Second Level Domains;
Maintain and promote the operational stability and utility of the .BW ccTLD;
Ensure a cost-effective administration of the .BW ccTLD and its sub-domains;
Provide name service for all .BW and ensure that the database is secure and stable;

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