In order to register a domain name a registrant must proved their registrar of choice with the following information.
Domain Name. 
Name Server List. (Optional) 
Registrant Name. 
Registrant Contact Details. 
Registrant Customer ID. 
Administrative Contact Details. 
Technical Contact Details. [ Optional ]
Billing Contact Details
Domain Life Period 
The registrant Name must be name of the domain owner.

Please refer to the registrars section for more information.

.BW domains can be registered with any accredited registrar. Please refer to the list of approved registrars at  https://nic.net.bw/list-of-accredited-registrars

Yes .bw domain names are registered at a fee which may vary from registrar to registrar.

Yes as long as the name does not violate policy and doesn not infringe on any  registered trade mark.

A domain name is a unique  address that is used on the Internet.It is what you see in the address bar after the “www” in a browser and it is what comes after the @ sign in an email address.Domain consists of two parts,the top level domain (TLD)and the second level domain i.e  “test.bw “ the bw reperesents the TLD  and the  test represents the second level domain which is the actual name.There are country specific TOP LEVEL DOMAINS know as county code TOP LEVEL DOMAINS(ccTLDs) such as .bw for Botswana and .za for South Africa.We also have generic TOP LEVEL DOMAINS(gTLDs) like .com and .org.



A registry is a database of all domain names registered under a top level domain.A registry operator,also called a `Network  Information Center is an entity that operates and administers the registry therefore BOCRA is the registry operator for the .bw ccTLD.

A Registrar is a legal entity/organization that has been accredited by BOCRA to register domain names with the .bw registry, on behalf of the registrant. 

A registrant is  someone who  *owns a domain name and registers it as belonging to them.
*subject to policy, a domain name is not permanently owned by anyone, it is assigned on first come first serve basis and may be allocated to another person if not renewed by the current owner. Execeptions are in trade mark cases like company names and popular brands where a registrant may have to show proof that the name is legally and rightfully theirs.

How To's

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