How To Be A Registrar

i. All intending applicants for accreditation as registrars shall access and download the
acreditation form from the .bw webiste. 
ii. No application for acreditation  will be considered to be complete if any of the following
a. information or documents required in the application form or process has not been
b. if on its face, the application contains misleading or inaccurate information;
c. if it is defective in any way; or
d. if it is not accompanied by the signed Registrar Agreement and Fees specified.
iii. If any application is incomplete BOCRA will inform the affected applicant immediately and
advise accordingly.
iv. If the application for acreditation is complete,BOCRA will advise the applicant by email that
the processing of the application will proceed.The acrediation process will take atmost 7 working days.
v. By lodging an application, the applicant gives BOCRA the right to verify the accuracy and
completeness of the information the applicant has provided in the application. BOCRA also has
the right to satisfy itself that the applicant can function as a registrar in accordance with the
terms and conditions of the Registrar Agreement, and other .bw Policies. BOCRA will
contact the applicant directly if it requires clarification or additional information.
vi. The applicant may withdraw its application at any time by giving notice to BOCRA by email.
Withdrawing an application will not prejudice the applicant’s ability to submit a new
application to BOCRA. If the applicant decides to re-apply, the applicant will need to re-submit
all documentation and fees.


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