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How to Register a .BW Domain

Registering a .BW name is an easy process; Simply choose a domain name and do a search to find out its availability. BOCRA does not accept registration requests from individuals (registrants). Registrants will have to identify one of the accredited registrars and register with them. PLEASE NOTE THAT PRICING MAY VARY FROM REGISTRAR TO REGISTRAR.


If you are a registrar you will need an account with domain name registration rights.Under the registrar’s profile choose register. The following data is required to register a domain name

• Nameserver(optional)

• Registrant

• Admin Contact

• Billing Contact

• Technical Contact

Please note that the registrant is the rightful owner of the domain name.

How to Renew a BW Domain

To renew a domain name contact your registrar to pay the renewal fee.


If you are a registrar login and click on the domain name to be renewed, select the number of years to renew the domain name and click save.

How to Transfer a BW Domain

Registrants must kindly write to the registrars of their domain name(s) and request them to transfer the domain name(s) to their preferred registrar or ask their new registrar to request for the name which will be transferred to them by the losing registrar.


You can also follow and click on "Key Retrieval" to get an authorization code which will be sent to you by mail. The code must be passed to the new registrar to initiate the transfer of the name.

How To's

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