i. Applicant: Any organization which has completed the application process to be accredited as
a registrar.
ii. Registrar: Any organization or body which has been accredited by BOCRA to provide domain
name registration services
i. Applicants for accreditation as Registrars must be incorporated as legal persons under the
laws of the Republic of Botswana or the country of operation of the Registrar.
ii. Applicants for accreditation as Registrar must satisfy BOCRA that:
a. The applicant possesses and can demonstrate adequate knowledge of the Domain Name
System and BOCRA’s Policies, Procedures and Guidelines, Registration Policies and
operations sufficient in BOCRA's view to provide good service to Registrants and potential
b. The applicant has the capability to electronically interact with Registrants, BOCRA and
BOCRA’s systems in accordance with the applicable policies;
c. the applicant is capable of providing Registrar Services in accordance with the Registrar
Agreement and in compliance with the applicable policies;
d. the applicant has the capabilities and systems to –
1. promptly and effectively address enquiries and respond to requests from its
Registrants and potential Registrants,
2. promptly and effectively handle projected volumes of Domain Name
3. receive information from its Registrants and potential Registrants on a secure
4. authenticate information provided by its Registrants and potential Registrants;
5. promptly and effectively notify Registrants of the need to renew their Domain
Name Registrations;
6. process and authenticate requests for modifications to Domain Name
Registrations, including renewals and transfers of Domain Name Registrations,
changes of Registrar, changes of Registrant, updates to information and other
requests; and
7. Maintain adequate backups of registration information.

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